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02 Dec 2022

Black Friday Deals in Pakistan

What is Black Friday

Black Friday is the fourth Friday of November after Thanksgiving and is recognized to be America’s biggest Christmas shopping kick-off. It is one of the largest shopping seasons in the US. It’s now popular in many other countries around the world. Black Friday is considered a public holiday, so people can easily go to their local stores and be a part of this great grand shopping festival. Everyone is waiting for Black Friday Deals 2018

Friday is never Black in Pakistan

However in Pakistan and all other Muslim countries around the world, the great shopping festival is considered as White Friday, Good Friday and Blessed Friday. Because Friday is never black in Muslim countries.
It’s a most significance day of the week. It is the day that all Muslims gathered at Masajid to pray in congregation. It is noted that even if a person doesn’t pray on a regular basis, he never misses the Friday (Jumma) Prayer ever. When Imam calls for Jummah prayer it is obligatory to leave all the other activities and rush towards the Masjid. It doesn’t mean that just offering the Namaz is enough.

Some retailers and online stores particularly in Asia and Middle East, have considered the term ‘White Friday’ to celebrate the biggest shopping season of the year instead of using term Black Friday.

When is Black Friday

It’s the fourth week of November after thanks giving, mark your calendar, 23rd November, 2023. It is the date for Black Friday Sale in Pakistan. You can avail craziest Black Friday Deals at thebuyspot. Some people call it, White Friday, Blessed Friday, Good Friday and Bright Friday.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Shopping on Black Friday Sale is tradition now in Pakistan. These points will help you to find the right product and discount on Black Friday 2018.

Start Early
Plan a Budget
Research Pre-Black Friday Pricing
Prioritize your shopping list
Sign Up for Retail Newsletters
Bookmark Retailers’ Websites
Use Vouchers and Discount Cards
Follow Retailers on Social Media
Use thebuyspot as Your Own Personal Shopping Assistant

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