Tiger Balm 2Pc Set Cooling Oil Refresh Brain

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1.the smell of oil has a strong effect on driving out mosquito

2.eliminate bad smell of toilet

3.some people will have frostbite in deep winter,feel itchy and painful,the oil can treat itch

4.Apply the oil on belly,can cure the constipation

5.Every day apply the oil on corn,then use the fire cigarettes to grill the oil,let it melt into corn.Treat for a period time,the corn will fall off automatically,the patient feel no pain and the corn area no scar.

6.The furnishing appear borers,can smear oil into borer hole area,cut off insects.


1.If after using,appear skin itching,redness and other allergic phenomena,please use water clean.

2.The allergy,pregnant women,skin fester,eye,and skin injured is forbidden to use.

3.The baby ,infant,children should use under adult or doctor guidance.